“Almost every branded item has its cheap copies. Hugo Boss is a well-known designer brand due to its high-quality products. Their high costs and fame have made them a massive target of counterfeit attacks. Now, there’s a good chance that you might have bought Hugo Boss clothing from some retailer, but you were scammed out of your money. “

Hugo Boss BOSS Mark Slim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt by BOSS Light Purple 17.5 L

You’re probably wondering as to how to do a Hugo Boss authenticity check? Well, allow us to help!

How Do We Find That Out?

Well, no worries, as there are many tricks to ensure that your Hugo Boss clothing is real or not. And in this article, we will be going over all those details. So, whether you’ve been unfortunately cheated, or want to know beforehand, read along and find out!

1. Unique Stitching:

We are starting with the best and the most verifiable technique in Hugo Boss Authenticity Check!

Simply look at the stitching inside the clothing. The inner stitching of authentic Hugo Boss follows a consistent pattern all through. At the end of stitching, no clothing material is left in real Hugo Boss products. Moreover, the same colour of thread is used as the colour of the shirt or other clothing.

Fake ones will naturally don’t follow a consistent stitching pattern. Loose threads can be detected here and there on the fake Hugo Boss products. Furthermore, extra clothing pieces would be left at the end of stitching. Though, there is naturally a possibility that some scammer might copy the consistent stitching pattern. And that is why you should keep reading on.

2. Chest Logo:

Scammers are getting clever by the day, but they will still be making obvious mistakes. For example, there will also be issues with the unique chest logo on Hugo Boss shirts. The real Hugo Boss chest logo has a bold “Boss” lettering with “Hugo Boss” written in small lettering underneath.

Remember that real Hugo Boss logos are stitched. At the same time, fake ones will have logos glued or stuck to the clothing. The real chest logo has very neat stitching with clear lettering. At the same time, the fake ones will have loose threads and uneven stitching.
Lastly, the chest logo will give a messy look to the fake Hugo Boss products.

3. Inspect The Quality:

You might come across hinges that are loose in the fake Hugo Boss products. Grammatical mistakes would be persistent. As Hugo Boss is known for the best quality products, the authentic ones will always be 100% cotton. Hold the shirt, and if the material feels like nylon or polyester, it is a fake one.

Another great way of the Hugo Boss Authenticity Test is the weight of shirts. Suppose you happen to weigh real and fake Hugo Boss shirts. You can observe that the authentic Hugo Boss has slightly more weight than the fake one.

4. Collar Label:

Another way to spot the real Hugo Boss is the label on the inner collar. The real Hugo Boss will have a high-quality label properly stitched on the inner collar of the shirt. The collar label is usually the same as the chest logo. But the colour may be different on the collar label.

Furthermore, the lettering of the collar label is even and clear. In short, you can’t find any loose ends on the collar label of a real Hugo Boss. In the case of fake ones, the quality and stitching of the collar label would be messy. Also, the style and lettering will be different from the real collar label. Lastly, the label’s back will have knotted threads and loose ends in fake Hugo Boss clothing.

5. Price And Store Location:

Last but not least is the difference in prices of real and fake Hugo Boss. The price and location from where you buy your Hugo Boss speak a lot about the product’s legitimacy.

Real Hugo Boss will always be expensive due to their high quality and unique detail. So, if you encounter a Hugo Boss product at an overly low price, then it’s definitely fake. Moreover, make sure to buy the Hugo Boss products from authorized retailers and stores.

Local Vendors are most likely to sell fake Hugo Boss products. So, make sure to do pre-purchase research to avoid buying fake items.

How Do I Know If My HUGO BOSS Is Real?

There are various ways to check whether your Hugo Boss is real or not. The most prominent ones are the chest logo and collar label. The real one will have specific “Boss” lettering followed by small lettering “Hugo Boss” beneath it.

Where Is The Model Number On HUGO BOSS?

Each Hugo Boss product has a tag stitched inside. You can look at the model number of your Hugo Boss through the tag inside it.

Is HUGO BOSS Made In China?

Yes, Hugo Boss is made in China as well. The main producers of Hugo Boss are China, Vietnam and Italy. Only these three producers supply authentic Hugo Boss products.

Is Hugo Boss A Luxury Brand?

Yes, no doubt! Hugo Boss is one of the top leading cloth selling brands. It is considered a luxury due to its high prices. But the prices are worth it with the finest and premium products.


All in all, there are more than just these five ways we’ve listed as for Hugo Boss Authenticity Check. The real Hugo Boss comes up with a care tag inside, which is two-leaved. This tag usually contains garment codes, serial numbers, and QR codes. You can scan the QR codes to observe if the Hugo Boss is real or not!

Similarly, the lettering will be much larger than the fake ones. Lastly, the counterfeit manufacturers were even able to copy the buttons. But still, the quality of buttons on fake ones can be observed as low.

Cheap copies keep coming into the market on a daily basis. So, we might have to stay extra careful even in the future.

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