Top 5 Hot Selling Hey Dude Shoes (5 Best Hey Dude Shoes In 2021)

We Like
Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Comfortable Durable
+ Healthy Feet
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Soft Fabric Linings
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Woven Loafer
+ Fabric
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Manmade outsole
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Welsh Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Textile Upper
+ Synthetic Outsole.
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons

“Do you want to know how to wash Hey Dudes without damaging their quality? You must be worried about how your shoes will turn out to be once you wash them. “

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Chambray Light Grey, Size 8

First of all, choose the right method for your pair of shoes according to their material and make sure you clean them regularly to avoid a big mess. To make it easier for you, here are some methods of how you can wash your Hey Dudes without ruining their color or fabric.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Wash Hey Dudes

To start with, here is a step-by-step guide on how to wash your Hey Dudes.

Step 1:

Find a pair of Hey Dudes you wish to revitalize.

Step 2:

Wipe off any big parts of mud or dirt with any piece of cloth.

Step 3:

Take out the shoelaces and insoles. Hand washes these separately.

Step 4:

Put the shoes in a washing machine or hand wash them. Use a good quality detergent that is not too harsh.

Step 5:

Air dry your shoes.

Follow these basic steps to wash your Hey Dudes.

How to Wash Colored Hey Dudes?

Washing colored Hey Dudes is a bit easier than washing white ones. Simply put your colored Hey Dudes in a washing machine, choose a light spinning mode of the washing machine, add a small amount of your favorite detergent, pour in some cold water and you’re all set to go. Once done, rinse the detergent off and dry them up in a drying machine or air-dry.

How to Wash White Hey Dudes?

White Hey Dudes will take more effort and time in washing as compared to colored ones as the white color gets dirty real quick and real hard. First, you need to get rid of the dirt and mud stains to some extent by hand washing. For this, soak the shoes in detergent water for at least an hour.

Make sure the shoes are completely soaked in the hot water mixture. Rinse them off and soak them in hot water and any stain removing liquid. Leave them like this for some time. Now, quickly toss your Hey Dudes in a washing machine and wash them in plain cold water. You can add extra detergent too but simple water will do its job.

Air Dry

You can dry your Hey Dudes in a dryer machine but there are chances that they may get shrunk or the fibers may loosen up or warp. So it’s better to air dry your Hey Dudes. Do not put the shoes to dry in direct sunlight as it may damage the fabric of the shoes.

Magic Erasers

If you’re still not satisfied with the cleanliness of your shoes, you can use magic erasers to remove the leftover stains from the soles, etc. Just rub a dampened magic eraser over the areas you wish to clean and voila! Make sure to not get too aggressive while cleaning or else you’ll be left with scars all over your shoes.

Remove Shoe Laces and Insoles

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when washing your Hey Dudes in a washing machine. Do not wash the shoelaces and insoles directly in the washing machine. Remove the shoelaces and insoles from the shoes and hand wash them separately. This is to ensure that the shoelaces and insoles do not get damaged in a washer as they are made up of memory foam. You can also buy separate insoles for your Hey Dudes in case the old ones get damaged during washing.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although by now you know most of the basic instructions about how to wash Hey Dudes, here are some things you should keep in mind to ensure the long durability of your shoes.

  1. Do not spin the shoes too fast in a dryer
  2. Make sure to choose a slow spin mode or no spin at all when washing in the machine if you can. This will help you in reducing wrinkles
  3. Avoid drying in direct sunlight
  4. Choose a cleaning method according to the material of the shoes. Do not choose a method that will be too harsh on your shoes’ fabric.
  5. Don’t go for a very strong detergent as you might end up damaging the fabric
  6. Air-dry overnight

You just went through different methods of how to wash Hey Dudes. Now let us quickly answer some of the most frequently asked questions from you guys.

Can I Wash My Hey Dudes in A Washing Machine?

Yes, you can. Unlike most of the popular brands, Hey Dudes clearly states that you can wash your shoes in a washing machine instead of just hand washing them every time. Just make sure you follow the instructions for washing hey dudes in a machine.

Can I Bleach White Hey Dudes?

Unfortunately no. Using bleach on your shoes can ruin their canvas fabric and might shred the fabric. Also, bleach can leave a stain on white fabric so better not to trust to chance. You can use vinegar instead to brighten up the insoles.

How To Remove Ink Stains From My Hey Dudes?

Instead of bleaching your shoes to get rid of stains, spray a few drops of acetone nail polish onto the stained part. Rub it vigorously with your finger until the stain disappears. But make sure to rinse off the residues before it dries up. Or else it will only worsen the condition of your shoes. You can also use any other acetone-containing cleaner that is easily available in your household items.


In the end, we would say that there might be some other ways to wash your Hey Dudes including many traditional homemade tips and tricks.

You can use a soft bristle brush to deep cleanse your shoes or simply make them spin in an automatic washer for some time. It all depends on which method is more convenient for you. Go for a method whose results satisfy you.

Also, don’t forget to check the material of your Hey Dudes before opting for a method for washing.

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