“Are you worried that the pair of true religion jeans you have your eyes set on is fake? Well, then worry no more, for we can help you out. The market today is flooded with con artists trying to sell their counter brands. Their stock holds no comparison to the real thing.”

True Religion Men’s Ricky Low Rise Straight Leg Jean with Back Flap Pockets, Body Rinse Black, 33W X 34L

With that said, if you accidentally end up buying one, you will be losing a lot of money, not to mention the regret. We understand that in these circumstances, you will be pretty confused with no idea what to do. Fortunately, we have a guide right here.

This article covers all the tips and tricks on how to spot fake true religion jeans. So, keep reading.

Spotting Genuine Online Stores

Your number one way to get your hands on a genuine pair of true religion jeans is to go to the source itself. That means finding a genuine outlet for the brand. Only a select few have been chosen to sell the pair of jeans.

Posers may try to trick you into buying from them by setting up fake websites. These websites almost look real, leading you astray. However, you can save yourself with one neat trick. Before you make any purchase, make sure to check the URL. An authentic outlet will have a web address like www.treureligionbrandjeans.com or www. truereligion.com only.

Checking The Jeans Themselves

If for some reason, you do not trust your retail provider, then you can perform the inspection yourself by following the checklist mentioned below.

  • Check The Labels

Labels are the most authentic way of spotting fake true religion jeans if you know what you are looking for. You can peek inside a rue jeans pear to find three inside tags. The top tag, made of fabric, displays the horseshoe – the true religion brand jeans logo along with a “made in the USA ” and waist size. The second label, smaller than the first, only has the horseshoe.

The third label displays the technical information like pants number type etc. It also feels like rough paper instead of fabric. Depending on the period, the jeans are from which you can find other variations.

For example, the 2010/2011 collection featured a metallic security strip on the second label. Some collections had a security stripe on the first label. This strip had the letters TRBJ repeated over and over. If any of these specifications are missing on your pair of true religion jeans, then the chances of it being fake are pretty high.

  • Check The Stitching 

True religion jeans are famous for their double stitching. They follow a very specific style. The lower seam is made up of a single seam, while the upper one consists of multiple threads. Naturally, the single thread seam has a shorter width than the seam with multiple threads.

People selling fake pairs often overlook this tiny detail. A closer inspection will reveal one seam only – your indication not to make the purchase.

  • Check The Outer Labels

In addition to the inner labels, you also have labels on the outside. These two follow a specific pattern depending on the particular they are from. Jeans that are a bit old had both ROW and SEAT for the outer nameplate. However, newer versions have dropped ROW from the labels, leaving only SEAT.

Regardless of the collection, the jeans are formed, the monk with his guitar and thumbs up sign remains the same. In addition to the label descriptions, you must also look at how it’s stitched into the jeans. The seam for the label must be the same as the seam for the jeans. Moreover, the upper and lower seams should run parallel to each other.

Amateurs out there fail to bring this authenticity to their fake pairs. They might mess up the seam or the perfect rectangular shape of the label itself.

  • Check The Pockets

Last on our list on how to spot fake true religion jeans is pocket design. A genuine piece will showcase the pointy pocket flaps and the Stichting design. Moreover, you should check to see if the horseshoe stitching perfectly lines up with the center of the pocket.

Con Artists trying to duplicate the real thing often fail to take care of this tiny detail and end up with an off-center horseshoe stitching.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips on how to spot fake true religion jeans.

  • If someone is offering you half the rice, then chances are it’s not the real deal.
  • Always check to see if the buttons have a clean and smooth finish. Moreover, they should have the words “True Religion Brand Jeans” spelled out on them.
  • Always check if the information inside the label matches the one on the swing tags.
  • Make sure that the photos you receive from the seller are real photos and not the stock photos on the true religion jeans website.

What Age Group Wears True Religion?

True Religion is for all to wear. However, the main demographic are the young, hip and trendy youth. Their ages fall somewhere between 15 and 35. People outside this age bracket who wear the brand also exist.

Where Are Real True Religion Jeans Made?

True Religions is Made in The US since it is a US denim brand. However, some jeans for children are made in Mexico, while some are manufactured in Italy. China is in no way related to the band.

Are True Religion Jeans Still Cool?

Yes, True religion jeans are still cool. You won’t find many brands that offer a signature look with top-quality fabrics, impeccable stitching and premium denim.


Summing it up, with all the fake vendors popping up left and right these days, it can be hard for anyone to spot the real thing. However, this article has given you all the tips on how to spot fake true religion jeans.

Simply follow the checklist, and you will be in good hands. We hope you will leave here without any confusion. If you still face any difficulty, feel free to reach out.

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