“Are you tired of the hassle of locking and unlocking the door remotely and want something innovative yet secure? If yes, then sit back as we will rescue you with the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Review.”

Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Matte Black

We can understand how stressing it is to feel unprotected because of your inefficient door lock. Moreover, these constant rounds of locking and unlocking the door is not less than a huge hassle. However, with this Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock, you never have to worry about anything at all!

Let’s have an eye over how this smart lock is different from others. Read More Our Review: Alki vision security camera.

Why Choose Schlage Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock Over Others?

With this intelligent lock, all of your OCD issues will just come to an end. With the in-built wifi system you can connect all of your home systems to this device. Making your home safe wasn’t this much easy ever.

Besides, it has the ability to get connected with the smart assistants like Alexa. So guess what you just have to advice them what to do and all your work will be done just in a few seconds. Also, for your convenience it has fast-acting machinery which is never going to lag and give you some tough time.

You can even connect your previous doorbell with this smart lock and have the easiest hand at it. Moreover, if you are thinking, How do I connect my Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Lock to WiFi? Let us tell you that you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to do so. The whole gadget is controlled via an app that is way too convenient to use.

Let’s have a look over some of the incredible features it has.

Incredible Features Of Schlage Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock

1. Built-In Connectivity

If you are wondering, how do I connect my Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Lock to WiFi? Then all your queries end here. You can easily lock or unlock your door from a distance using the Schlage Home or Key by Amazon apps.

You can actually set up cameras with this smart lock and have video of person entering and exiting your home. With built-in WiFi that connects straight to your home’s network, you won’t need any additional hubs or adapters to get started.

2. Exceptional Voice Control

This gadget works way too well with Alexa. You can also check the status of your lock with the help of Alexa. Additionally, Alexa will notify you when your battery is low, and you can set up smart reorders using Amazon Dash Replenishment to ensure that you always have replacement batteries on hand.

3. Easy To Install

When you open Encode, you’ll see a 3-by-5.5-by-2.2-inch rear battery/thumb turn component, as well as a 3-by-5-by-0.9-inch out-facing touchscreen keypad. You’ll also get a lock bolt, jamb plates, and screws, as well as four AA batteries that should last around six months of ordinary Encode locking/unlocking – roughly half the life of similarly AA-powered intelligent locks.

4. High-Security Feature

With this device, you are getting a capacitive touchscreen with one-touch locking and fingerprint control. When utilizing speech-enabled items, optional voice control provides hands-free convenience. Built-in alarm technology detects potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator provides an advanced warning for battery replacement.


  • Secure system.
  • Flexible settings.
  • Robust Auto-lock option.
  • Works with personal assistants.


  • Short battery life.
  • Lacks night mode.

4 Tips For Using Schlage Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock

If you want your Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock to work the best for you, then consider the following points at your hand.

  1. Always check the batteries whether they are working or not. Often your device may have a weak battery, due to which it may perform bizarrely.
  2. Maintain thorough maintenance weekly to keep the device working fine for the long term.
  3. Make sure to install this locking system at a place that is accessible. As if it is hard to reach, then it will not be easily maintained.
  4. For the best security, incorporate your credentials protected with a pin code. This way, you will have firm protection.


Summing up, having a robust security system is an essential part of the housing system. For this purpose, you have to choose wisely, as you never want to go wrong because it is better to be careful than sorry.

Moreover, if you want your innovative lock system to work the best, consider the points mentioned above in the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Review. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours now! Give EHomeSecurityCamera.com A Try? Best Home Security Cameras Reviews.

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Schlage BE489WB CAM 622 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You may set up an auto-lock in different time intervals using the Schlage app. After one minute, two minutes, or four minutes has passed. Regardless of how long you've set the wait. There are a number of options. Then, when the door closes, you'll know it's locked.
Yes. It is powered by batteries. During a power outage, however, you won't be able to use the app to access the lock because your wi-fi will most likely be down as well. The typical lock/unlock functionality is unaffected by the lack of power.
Yes, it's built to work on its own if that's what you want. You may use the app on your phone to open and close the lock, as well as monitor it over your home network. You can see and chat with anyone outside your door if you connect this to a ring doorbell. You can assign more access numbers than you have, allowing you to keep track of who comes into your home.
Your battery time may vary depending on how you use the lock. However, if it's having trouble finding a wi-fi signal, the batteries will quickly drain. Remember that "signal" has nothing to do with your internet connection speed (bandwidth).


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