“Making pastry has not been easy since ancient days. But guess what? Cusimax has done it again!”

Just like mixing cement and ballast in the construction industry is a challenge, so is mixing dough. Many experts have carefully spent a lot of time undoing the puzzle, the riddle, and the secret of mixing dough for various foods.

Stand Mixer, Cusimax Dough Mixer Tilt-Head Electric Mixer with 5-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook, Mixing Beater and Whisk, Splash Guard, Black Food Mixer

The black Cusimax 5 Quart Electric Food Stand Mixer is a beautiful electric appliance that has succeeded in mixing dough for baking myriads of cuisine with ease. Although this Cusimax device is made from relatively simple materials like plastic, it is a beautiful item.

The main material composition of the device is plastic and alloy of aluminium and stainless steel. The presence of aluminium makes the item light, while the stainless steel makes the machine resistant to rust while its durability is uncompromised.

The black-coloured electric food mixer weighs only 200 g with dimensions 15 x 13 x 7 inches. There are many functions attached to the device.

While the stand mixer is performing its work, you need not support its operation in any way. Since the machine is hands-free, you can do something else while the device is mixing your stuff.

You can use the electric food stand mixer from Cusimax for many food mixing ranging from easy jobs like egg mixing to challenging tasks like sticky bread dough. Though the stand mixer looks simple due to its weight and size, you are assured of its powerful motor for all mixing options.

By doing so, the stand mixer becomes unlimited to help you do all your baking and cooking flawlessly.

Why Is The Cusimax 5-Quart Dough Mixer Safe To Use?

A lot of care both in item design and user safety is carried out by products manufacturers’. In so doing, your security is guaranteed. This particular item uses very little power. In fact, 400 watts is good enough to run the device.

The base of the device is fitted with anti-slip silicon suction cups. The cups ensure it does not slip while in operation. Moreover, it has a heat dissipation designed at the bottom for safe usage.

Never mind the slight odour that may arise from the device the first time it is used. With time the smell will disappear. All in all, it does not affect you or the food.

Do You Have Control of Cusimax 5-Quart Dough Mixer?

The rate of mixing is under your control. Indeed, there is an option for low and high-speed mixing. The two speeds allow you to use them appropriately for different food mixing.

For simple foods like whisking creams, you probably use low-speed mixing, while high speed is required when kneading dough for bread or mixing potatoes. Some mixing requires specific, actual rates to give good products.

This particular product has found new users in all areas of baking and cooking. In fact, most chefs cannot do without this device anymore. It has made baking not only simple but equally enjoyable.

Can You Use Cusimax 5-Quart Dough Mixer For Multiple Applications?

The main idea of owning a Cusimax electric food stand mixer is simply because the functions are unlimited. You have many options for mixing beaters, depending on the cuisine of choice.

For cakes, fudge, potatoes or cookie dough, use the mixing beater mix. When you are preparing bread, you probably need to change the mixer to the kneading dough option.

Liquids such as cream and egg whites are quickly whipped by using a whisk. However, it is essential to know that you should not clean your kneading dough and mix the beater using a dishwasher. You will destroy them instead.

It is good to refer to the instruction manual provided with the machine wherever you find difficulties operating, mainly at the beginning, before getting the hang of it.

Are There Unique Features Of Cusimax 5 Quart Electric Food Stand Mixer?

This black Cusimax device has broken all odds. It has a potent motor unlike its rivals of similar size. For ease of baking or mixing, the appliance comes with three levels of speeds. There is a slow stirring, low and maximum mixing.

The stand mixers come in different sizes depending on the make or model. For Cusimax 5 quart Electric Food Stand mixer has a large bowl that can serve a family well. The machine is fitted with a splash guard to help you add ingredients with ease.

The kitchen appliance has several attachments. Indeed, three detachable mixing accessories come with a Cusimax stand mixer. The trio adds value to your choice of the mix.

The bowl is made from stainless steel since it needs to endure the speed and harsh conditions applied to the mixer.

Unlike most stand mixers, Cusimax Dough Mixer(CMKM-150N) Electric Food Stand mixer can tilt the head. The capacity to tilt the head allows installing and removing both the bowl and accessories without difficulties.

The product comes with a guarantee, and the company has a return product policy in place if you do not like it or is defective. You only need to contact the vendor who has established excellent customer care services.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Cusimax 5 Quart Electric Food Stand Mixer?

Several functions of the electric food stand mixer have lots of value to any professional chef or cook. You need not labour too much when kneading or mixing dough now.

The machine has a tilt-head design to allow you to change accessories and the bowl with ease. Besides, your safety is well thought-through in the creation of the stand mixer. The machine is firmly held on the bench by silicon suction cups.

The product has a guarantee with a return product policy and instruction manual upon buying.

Any Disadvantage Of Cusimax 5 quart Electric Food Stand Mixer?

The accessories are not dishwasher safe. Secondly, the bowl is not large enough for large families.


The greatest gift for bakers and pastry lovers today is the Cusimax 5 quart Electric Food Stand Mixer. The machine has everything you need to make your baking successful. Dial a Cusimax Food Stand mixer today.

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