“A lot of things in the world have their cheap copies. Lee Jeans, the American Denim Brand, has also become a massive target of these fake jeans’ producers. Some elements can recognize any branded pants. These elements also proved whether it’s Lee Vintage Jeans or not.”

Lee Men’s Performance Series Extreme Motion Straight Fit Tapered Leg Jean, Maverick, 36W x 32L

As the counterfeit attacks are increasing, there is a great possibility that you bought your Lee Vintage Jean from someplace and were scammed out of your money. You might be struggling with how you can tell if Lee Jeans are vintage or not! Well, allow us to help.

How Do We Find That Out?

Well, worry not; there are many elements to ensure that your Lee Jeans are vintage. And in this article, we will be going through all the details. So, whether you’ve been unfortunately scammed, or want to know beforehand, read along to find out whether your Lee Jeans are vintage or not!

  • Lazy S

We are starting with the best and the most verifiable technique; how can you tell if Lee Jeans are Vintage?

Simply turn the jeans around, and you will see a lazy slanted S stitched on the back pockets. You can look at the below picture to verify whether Lee Jeans are vintage or not. The use of ‘lazy S’ on the back pockets was introduced in 1944.

This design is specifically unique to Lee Jeans. This lazy S design is also known as “longhorn-stitch” because it resembles the shape created when the rider sits on their cattle.

The fake ones will naturally not have this unique “Lazy S” stitch on back pockets. There is a big possibility that scammers may have started counterfeiting this unique feature as well, so in that case, you should keep reading.

  • Lee Buttons

Scammers are getting clever by the day, but they will still be making obvious mistakes. For example, they would put low-quality buttons that would rust soon or forget to copy the design on Lee jeans’ buttons.

Apart from low-quality material, the stitches used to tie the buttons will be loose. Lee Jeans’ branded buttons are made up of high-quality and heavy gauge metal. The branded buttons are guaranteed rustproof and are tightly tugged to the Jeans two prong tack fasteners. These are strongly fastened so that they can’t move. That’s why they are known for their strongest button attachment. Fake ones will not focus on such things that can help in identifying branded Lee Vintage Jeans.

  • Hair on hide label

Another noticeable feature to identify Lee Vintage Jeans is the Hair on Hide label. This iconic element was introduced in Lee Vintage Jeans in about 1936. You can check the Jeans closely to spot this unique symbol. It is a great getaway to spot counterfeit products.

The cowboy era of the nineties inspired this label. The hair on this symbol resembles the hair on cattle of the cowboy era. Fake product generators didn’t bother placing haired labels. This makes it easy for people to differentiate between real Lee Jeans and fake ones.

  • Leather Patch

One of the biggest giveaways in how to spot fake Lee Jeans is the leather patch on the inside. The fake ones will look really low quality and faded as opposed to being fairly slim and elegant in the real ones. Of course, the colors will also be changed.

Moreover, the logo of “Lee” has had a unique wavy font since 1946. This unique black patch represents the steer’s twitch when branded with a hot iron. This elegant feature also has inspiration from the cowboy era. All in all, as Lee Jeans were introduced in the cowboy era, you can find various resemblances with them.

Copies with fake patches will have rough edges. At the same time, the real ones have a neat boundary on the leather patch. The specs will be lighter on the fake ones and darker on the real Lee Vintage Jeans. Lastly, the “Lee” logo’s font will be noticeably different from the font used on authentic Lee Vintage Jeans.

  • Cross Tack Stitching

The last few tricks in our list of how to spot fake Lee Vintage Jeans are also simple. Compared to the branded Lee Vintage Jeans, fake ones will not have the iconic cross-tack stitching. Might have to figure that out on your own if you have the fake ones.

Cross tacks replaced traditional metal rivets of Lee Jeans to avoid little incidents like a scratch or mar saddles, furniture or upholstery. You can see these cross-tacks on the back pockets of the jeans.

Scammers still have not been able to copy this cross-tack technique. This iconic symbol on the back pocket is a great getaway to spot fake Lee Jeans.

How Do You Read A Lee Jean Tag?

Observe the jeans properly and look for the label inside your item. The usual place for this label is around the waistbands of the jeans or along with the side stitches of your tops.

When Were My Lee Jeans Made?

Lee Vintage Jeans is an American denim brand. It was firstly produced in 1889 in Kansas. Henry David Lee is the founder of this iconic denim brand.

How Can You Tell If Lee Jeans Are Fake?

The basic elements to observe in your lee jeans are lazy S, cross tack, leather patch and hair on hide label. These features are enough to spot branded Lee Vintage Jeans.


All in all, there are more than just these five ways we’ve listed as to how to spot fake Lee Jeans. Lee buttons are the ultimate way to spot your Lee Vintage Jeans. These buttons are rust-free and are made up of heavy metal gauges.

Similarly, hair on a hide label is another getaway in this regard. Lastly, the counterfeit manufacturers were even able to copy the stitching technique on the Lee Vintage Jeans. Cheap copies keep coming into the market. So, we might have to stay extra careful even in the future.

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