“Public water filtration systems are designed to get rid of biological and particulate contaminants in tap water to make it safe to drink. By the time the water gets to the tap. It is generally considered safe to drink. However, a common problem with the filtration techniques used to make this water safe to drink is that they often leave the water with a peculiar taste and odor that many people find unpleasant.”

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser, Dark Blue, Extra Large 25 Cup, 1 Count

This is where water filter units like the Brita Stream Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser (36437) come into the picture. These filters are designed to remove the minerals and chemicals in tap water to make them more pleasant to drink.

Because many products offer this same promise, it is important to ask whether products like the Brita Stream Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser work as advertised. In this article, we review this product and answer some important questions about its operations and how to use it right.

Brita Stream Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser(36437) Review

The Brita Stream Ultramax water filter is Brita’s largest filer dispenser. With a capacity to hold 25 cups of water, this unit is suitable for those with a high need for water. Still, it is designed with a slim profile which ensures that the dispenser does not take up too much space on your counter or inside your fridge.

The Brita Ultramax comes paired with Brita’s washable and replaceable water filters efficient for getting rid of unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. There is an electronic indicator that lets you know when the filters need to be changed. The dispenser is made of BPA-free plastic. The unit also features an easy-locking lid to keep dirt out.


  • Large capacity dispense
  • Slim space-saving design
  • Made from safe and healthy BPA-free plastic material
  • Efficient water filter


  • The tap feels a little too flimsy.

Do Brita Filters Actually Do Anything?

Now to the crux of the matter, do Brita Filters actually work? Like other filters, the filters in the Brita Ultramax are designed to remove contaminants from tap water that affect the taste and smell of the water.

The filters in these units are patented pleated filters with active filtering agents housed in BPA-free housing. The stream filter technology ensures faster filtration. The filter system also includes activated carbon which helps to reduce the chlorine responsible for the unpleasant taste and odor to make the water taste better.

Brita filters are designed specifically to get rid of common contaminants in the tap water such as chlorine, lead, mercury, lead and mercury ions, cadmium, and class I particulates. While it does a good job at filtering out contaminants, the design of the filter ensures that healthy electrolytes and minerals in the water are not affected.

How Do You Use a Brita Ultramax Dispenser?

The Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser(36437) is designed to filter water directly while you pour. This means the Dispense can be filled directly from the tap and you can get filtered water immediately. The water goes straight into the reservoir, down the filter, and into the dispenser from where you get your clean and filtered water.

The Brita Ultramax dispense features a standard filter that works like a sieve to get rid of chemical components in tap water responsible for the unpleasant taste and odor. There is also an ion-exchange component that helps to get rid of cadmium, zinc, and copper from the water.

It is recommended that you wash the dispenser, reservoir, and other components of the unit with warm soapy water before the first use. Also, you should run the filter under cold tap water for a few seconds before fitting it into the reservoir.

You should also discard the first 3 fillings of water to ensure that the filter is thoroughly rinsed before you begin use. Afterward, you can use your dispenser freely with occasional filter changes as recommended by the manufacturer.

How Long Does a Brita Stream Filter Last?

Brita recommends that you change the filters in this unit after about 2 months of use or after it has been used to filter 40 gallons of water. However, if your tap water is hard (with a higher chemical component, you might need to change the filters more often than this. The Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser(36437) features a battery-powered indicator with a smart light that will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

How Do You Remove a Brita Stream Filter Cage?

As mentioned, you should replace your Brita filters after 2 months of use. However, when it is time to replace the filter, you will need to figure out how to remove the filter from the cage to replace it with a new filter. Here are the steps to follow to achieve this:

  • Press the release button at the bottom of the spigot then twist in a counterclockwise direction to free the spigot from the reservoir.
  • To remove the filter cage from the spigot, twist it in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Flush the new filter with cold water for about 15 seconds.
  • Next, insert this filter into the cage. Ensure that the blue ring is facing up. Press in the filter until you hear a click.
  • Reinstall the filter cage into the spigot. Twist this until it clicks into place.
  • Return the spigot into the reservoir. Ensure that the notch on top of the spigot is aligned with the unlock symbol then twist clockwise till it clicks in.
  • Return the lid of the tank.

Don’t forget to discard the first water you pour into the dispenser.


The Brita Stream Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser (36437) features an efficient filter designed to get rid of unpleasant chlorine odor and taste in tap water. It does this job quite efficiently.

The dispenser also has a large capacity but you need not worry about space since it also has a slim design. Although it has a flimsy build and some of the components may not be very durable. This unit has a lot of positives that outweigh these minor limitations.

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