“It is essential to consider your working condition for better health. While in the office or even at home, the tables and the chairs must be ergonometric to avoid unnecessary strains and discomfort.”

Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk Small Adjustable Height 42 x 24 Inches Whole-Piece Home Office Desk Memory Controller Primo(Black Frame + 42″ Black Top)

It would be best if you considered the height of the furniture you are using. Where possible, consider an adjustable one like Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk. The adjustments allow you to choose the best option for the task at hand.

Flexispot EN1 comes with several options. The beauty of having a firm foundation to work from is crucial. You no longer need to work from your couch anymore.

Productivity as a worker can be affected by so many things. Among them is the personnel inability but also the working environment provided. A Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk has the best provision for an information technology (IT) environment.

You can adjust Flexispot EN1 to fit your sitting position or a standing position. As a result, it enables you to balance your sitting and standing while working throughout the day.

The product is a wonderful choice for many people with small working rooms since it only takes a small space yet offer much more.

Can Flexispot EN1 Offer Enough Working Space?

Even though most laptops are pretty small, desktop computers occupy much more space. When using Flexispot EN1 desk, there is enough space for both a laptop and a desktop computer. Yet, more room remains for your few other items.

As much as this Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk has a lot of good working space, it occupies a minimal room space. This economy of the area is attributed to the item’s sleek and functional design.

The actual desktop dimensions of this product are 42 x 24 x 1 inch. It is possible to adjust the height of this item depending on the choice of chair you choose. The possible settings for the height adjustment range from 28 inches to 47.6 inches.

The speed of adjustment is pretty fast-1 inch per second. This fast speed enables you to make adjustments fast and continue with your main activity without taking a lot of time.

Why Is Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk Durable?

The Flexispot EN1 is only 154 lbs in weight. The product comes with an industrial-grade steel frame and a solid rectangular top.

The material making up this product is rust-resistant and hard enough to withstand the push and pull associated with working areas. The hard surface top can comfortably handle any weight.

Do You Lift Flexispot EN1 Top To Change Its Height?

Although the entire desk weighs 154 lbs, it has an in-built electric motor that acts as a lift system. The motor offers a smooth height adjustment movement with very low noise.

Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk has an LED memory control panel. You can key in the height parameters you wish to have for your desk using the control panel. However, the desk comes with three already preset heights.

The LED control panel has a seven-button controller with three programmable memories already preset. You can therefore set three desired heights to work on the desk while seated or standing.

How Is Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk Packaged?

When buying a new Flexispot EN1, shipping is in two parts independent of one another. It is, therefore, possible to receive the two packages separately.

The most important benefit associated with this product, besides the health aspect, is the warranty. The company offers a five-year warranty. The warranty covers the motor, frame including other mechanisms, while the electronics, controller and switch attract a two-year warranty.

The above periods of warranty offered are, for sure, a strong indicator of the company’s confidence in its Flexispot EN1 product.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk?

Some people visit the gyms not because they are interested in exercise but as a remedial option. When you stand for long hours, you are likely to experience both back and leg strains.

The Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk helps to solve this nightmare by providing you with a platform to work seated. You can alternate sitting and standing throughout the day for a healthy body.

You have several program choices to make for your desk adjustments. Moreover, you can save the changes and use them later when need be.

Working on a big surface is great but considering the room space occupied by this Flexispot EN1 is even more enjoyable. The item offers excellent service within the tiny area.

The ease of set-up of this product is quite fast. Since the item has few parts, assembling those fragments takes less than an hour to complete and has a standing Flexispot EN1. The ease of assembly saves you time.

Not many items in the market attract long periods of warranty. Purchasing a Flexispot EN1 desk is an assurance that you get value for your money. Indeed, many customers are not just happy with the product but also the customer service behind it.

Which Disadvantages Of Flexispot EN1 Electric Standing Desk Are Outstanding?

The ease of use and the benefits associated with the product cause the demand to outdo the supply. You are therefore likely to find the product out of stock from the stores several times.

Moreover, the choice of colors is limited to black. You might need to repaint your favorite Colour if black is not your choice.


Never underestimate your health while working on a laptop or a desktop. Your posture while working has a significant impact on your health. Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk offers you this noble idea to interchange standing and sitting as you work all day.

We highly recommend you buy to use and package it as a gift to your loved ones. Investing in Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk is investing in your health.

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